Webinar: Multi-CDN

With viewer expectations for fast, seamless video experiences higher than ever, adopting a multi-CDN strategy is one of the best ways to help ensure reliability regardless of network conditions.

Lumen is joining Hulu for this moderated Q&A on-demand webinar with CDN expert Dan Rayburn.


Dan Rayburn
CDN Expert

Pankaj Choudhari
Video Delivery Architect

Rob Roskin
Manager of Solutions Architecture

You’d like to discuss your multi-CDN strategy,
and learn how CDN Orchestrator can help your delivery?

Interested in learning more?

Check out the assets below for more information about multi-CDN.

Multi-CDN for your platform

Understand the benefits a move to a multi-CDN environment will deliver to your video platform.

Midstream CDN switching demo

See how CDN Orchestrator uses real-time data to optimize video streams and preserves the user experience.

CDN Orchestrator Technical Sheet

Learn more about CDN Orchestrator’s technology, business scores and features.