How does CDN Orchestrator work?

Interested in a dynamic midstream CDN switcher to help ensure consistently high quality for your viewers? Learn more about CDN Orchestrator, how it works and its technology foundations with our technical data sheet.

Key learnings in the CDN Orchestrator technical sheet

  • How CDN Orchestrator works at each step of the video session
  • How CDN scores are calculated
  • How to prioritize a CDN based on your business needs
  • The technical foundations of CDN Orchestrator
  • Advantages for your video platform

Why CDN Orchestrator?

During each video session, our multi-CDN tool selects the most appropriate CDN for each segment request based on current CDN bandwidth, latency and errors. The next video segment is automatically and seamlessly redirected to the appropriate CDN to improve quality or avoid potential CDN congestion or failure.

Streamroot midstream multi-CDN switcher and video CDN load balancer