Welcome to the Mesh Delivery demo

To get started, click “Simulate A User” twice.
Two new tabs open, simulating other viewers watching the same content.

The video begins to play on all open tabs. The graphs on the right represent video segments, showing how much content is delivered via the CDN and how much one tab is uploading to / downloading from the others.

What are you seeing?

Before opening any new tabs, the video is streamed only from the CDN; the graph shows only dark blue.

Once several tabs are open, you can see that certain segments coming from other viewers. The tab(s) uploading to the mesh network display some orange in their graph. The tab(s) downloading from the peer network display some light blue. As you can see, the system is entirely hybrid, using both CDN and peer-to-peer delivery at once for each user. On the top of the graph, you can see how much of the video comes from the peer-to-peer network for each viewer.

If you close one tab, or pause the video for one user, you can see real-time adjustments in the graphs. Mesh Delivery automatically adjusts according to the availability of video segments in the network. If one user disconnects, other viewers can still obtain the next video segments, either from another peer or the CDN.

Interested in learning more?

Download our one-pagers on Mesh Delivery key benefits.


Avoid overage charges with a more predictable pricing model.


Improve QoS without investing in new infrastructure.


Manage traffic spikes while expanding your delivery footprint.