Discover the advantages of Mesh Delivery for your business


Avoid unexpected video delivery costs with a flat rate pricing model.


Limit network congestion, mitigate rebuffering, and promote longer session times.


Increase your bandwidth capacity with our peer-to-peer CDN overlay.

Controlled costs

Streamline video delivery costs with Mesh Delivery: avoid overage charges from unexpected traffic with our peer-to-peer overlay.

Enhanced quality of service

With a hybrid mesh network working in tandem with a CDN infrastructures, video providers can help limit network congestion and decrease network latency, enabling better QoS and promoting longer session times for their viewers.

Managed spikes & greater scale

A peer-to-peer network helps provide greater elasticity by acting as an overlay on top of your CDN infrastructure. This enables video providers to rapidly increase their bandwidth capacity and geographic footprint without spending significant capital on new infrastructure or CDN commits.

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