Time your multi-CDN strategy joined the big leagues?

The high-stakes, high-stress world of live sports streaming requires excellence on the field and off. Delivering a consistent, high-quality experience has never been more important. Discover how a midstream multi-CDN switcher can be part of a winning strategy.

How can Streamroot help?

A unique approach to multi-CDN: performance-based traffic management

CDN Load Balancer is a CDN switching solution for platforms that care about quality. Unlike DNS or server-side CDN load balancers, CDN Load Balancer sits within the video player and makes switching decisions based on individual performance feedback from the device. Better yet, it can switch CDNs in the middle of a stream without the user having to refresh the page in the event that a CDN goes down in the middle of a stream.

How does it work?

Client-side CDN switching mechanism

In the beginning of a video session, CDN Load Balancer selects the appropriate CDN from your geographical and business inputs.

During the session, our load balancer takes CDN selection a step further. For each segment request, current CDN bandwidth, latency and errors are calculated to assess whether or not a switch should be made to improve quality or avoid potential CDN congestion or failure. The next video segment request is then directed to the new CDN.

Insurance against CDN failure

Circumvent congestion and avoid service outages thanks to per-segment CDN selection.

Seamless instream switching

Real-time decisions made seamlessly mid-stream; device feedback promotes optimal performance for every user.

Compatible with third-party business intelligence

Use our own scoring or tap into the third-party database of your choice to leverage global QoS statistics.

Not sure where to start?

Get live streaming best practices in our white paper

This white paper examines the importance of optimising one’s network from origin to end-user device, discussing best practices for scaling live video delivery and explaining how a network-optimized CDN and multi-CDN strategies can provide the scale and performance needed to deliver winning quality on game day.

CDN Load Balancer midstream switching dashboard shows how CDNs are performing and where switches are made

Want to learn more?

Discover our use cases and our dashboard

CDN Load Balancer has helped providers maintain consistent, high quality service even in the face of server stress and outage. Schedule a demo with our teams to learn more about our customers, as well as our intuitive dashboard that allows you to prioritize your CDNs, monitor performance, and see where switches are being made.

Ready to get started?

Deliver across the world and across CDNs with confidence.

Get started today to deliver a consistent, high-quality experience to sports fans wherever they may be. CDN Load Balancer offers live sports platforms an extra layer of insurance in their multi-CDN load balancing strategy. Best of all, it integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow. Try out our unique midstream multi-CDN switcher today for improved reliability and better video quality under virtually any condition.